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Tmaria athenshe year was 1969 and 50 singers representing the best that their countries had to offer were gathered in Europe before 50,000 spectators in the World Olympiad of Singers and Songs in Athens, Greece. Maria won first prize gold medal winner of that prestigious event, placing her in the spotlight of the Top Hat Supper Club, famous for the greatest stars in show business including Sarah Vaughn, Roy Clark, Ricky Nelson, Bobby Winton and so many other top performers.

Known as female Tom Jones, Maria Mitzeva, a Bulgarian born American singer, has had her own show and toured extensively throughout Europe and the US performing in concerts and the biggest casino revues. Maria is a polished performer with tremendous vocal capabilities and great stage presence, which is totally captivating. Her materials cover a wide variety of styles touching everything from jazz to country/western and pop to ballads, with outstanding arrangements by her conductor, producer, arranger and husband Michael Vartan.

Maria's newspaper revues from Vienna to Dallas, Moscow to Detroit and Leipzig to Windsor have praised this outstanding singer for her artistic and singing abilities. Her collection of medal awards from countries around the world includes Gold Medal of Radio Barcelona, Gold Medal Athens, Golden Lion Germany and The Golden Orpheus.

Maria is an experience one should not miss!

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