Michael-Mihran Vartan

Michael Vartan


To all of our friends and colleges in Bulgaria, USA, and Europe:

With deepest grief and sorrow, I have to announce the passing of my loving husband and friend of 53 years.

On Memorial Day, May the 30th, 2022, when driving home, Michael collided with another car, lost control of his BMW roadster and hit a palm tree in Palm Desert California. He was critically injured and taken to the intensive care unit. He went through a lot of surgery on his neck, collapsed lungs and ribs. He was on ventilator for almost 4 months, and on September 28th, 2022, Michael passed away. All this time he fought really hard for his life and was very brave.

I was able to tell him how much I love him, and he tried to smile and whisper “I love you!” Today 12/28/22, three months after his passing, his ashes finally arrived home

Michael loved the ocean, swimming, and exercise. Music was his life. Michael has his wings now- an earthy angel has been set free!!! He will be playing some great music in that Heavenly House of God!

For contact and/or comments please email Maria at maria@mariamitzeva.com

Michael Vartan Michael Vartan Michael Vartan


Bulgarian born American virtuoso trombone player, composer, conductor, arranger, producer. Gold Medalist at the 1957 International Competitions in Moscow, Russia. Master Degree in Music, Performing Arts and Conducting.

Recorded and performed with Ray Charles, Billy Brooks Jazz Orchestra, The Los Angeles Ballet Company Odyssey, The Los Angeles Bureau of Music Orchestra as soloist, composer, conductor and arranger contributing to the education and preservation of jazz and classical music. His music had an in estimated value for the City of Los Angeles.

Performed and recorded with many top musicians as Marshal Royal, Frank Rosolino, Cat Anderson, Britt Woodman, Henry Cocker, Buster Cooper and many others.

Toured extensively throughout Europe with some of the top show business personalities as Claudio Villa, Marino Marini, Arturo Testa, Aura Di’Angelo, Marika Rokk, Gerhard Bronner, Jenifer, The Surfs and others. Composed and recorded with Maria Mitzeva, Gold Medalist at the World Olympiad of Pop Singers and Songs in Athens, Greece 1969. Performed and recorded as soloist with the Bulgarian National Radio & Television Jazz Orchestra.

In the United States, among other things, Michael worked as Performing Artist and Composer for the City of Los Angeles, Beaureau of Music, and the Theatre Arts Program of Los Angeles